It’s good

For those who like to eat well. Because we always like to eat well, but not everywhere lives up to expectations! And because we arrive hungry at a restaurant and want to leave satisfied.

It’s the best

The crème of Slovenian cuisine. A real experience! Not only are we hungry but also curious, therefore we leave it up to them.

Slovenian cuisine

Restaurants serving Slovenian food with a long tradition and rich heritage.

Traditional and Contemporary

Restaurants where heritage is important but where they don’t just live from it, rather they further enrich it.

Creative and Original

Restaurants where the chef takes centre stage and doesn’t just ‘copy’ but rather creates.

Urban and Different

Towns and cities that breathe, pulsate and have a different way of life, which is reflected in their restaurants and food.


Thanks to Slovenia’s wealth of natural beauty and numerous small restaurants with a lot of dishes, these are places to go for day trips and unforgettable adventures.

From the Farm

Where they only offer what they produce themselves. It is such places that makes Slovenia a culinary gem!

Meat and More

Restaurants that prepare the best meat and know how to prepare it in the best way.

From Rivers and Seas

Places that have the best fishermen and where they know how to best prepare their seafood and freshwater catches.

Vegetables and More

These restaurants aren’t just for vegetarians and vegans, since they have the best vegetables and know how to prepare them to please all tastes.

Wine and Food

Places where one knows that Slovenia has three wine-growing regions, with excellent wines and vintners.

Global Cuisine

Places that prove that the world is just one global village where nothing is ‘foreign’ anymore.


A good night’s sleep too!

Vpiši se v Šolo okusov!
Ne jej z usti. Jej z glavo!
Neomejen dostop do Šole.
Neomejen dostop do Kuhinje.
Neomejen dostop do Gostilne.
Neomejen dostop do Chefov.
Neomejen dostop do Potepa.
Neomejen dostop do B®loga.
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